University Teaching & Learning Centers & Other Resources

  1. New Tools for Faculty, University of Pennsylvania
  2. University of Minnesota Center for Teaching and Learning Services This site also has a link to the NTLForum.
  3. NCSU Professor Richard Felder’s excellent site: Resources in Science & Engineering Education. This site is more general than its title implies. Prof. Felder has developed a web-based questionnaire to tap students’ preferred learning styles. Take it yourself and see what insights you gain!
  4. Brown University Sheridan Center for Teaching & Learning
  5. George Mason University, Instructional Development Office
  6. Northwestern University, Searle Center for Teaching Excellence
  7. Hong Kong Polytechnic Electronic Educational Development Centre
  8. Instructional Development & Technology Sites Worldwide
  9. Unversity of Michigan Center for Research on Learning & Teaching
  10. Center for Teaching Excellence, Iowa State University
  11. Cornell Educational Technology Center – Educational Resources on the Web
  12. Berkeley Compendium of Suggestions for Teaching with Excellence
  13. University of Washington Center for Instructional Development & Research
  14. Kansas State University Center for Faculty Evaluation & Development
  15. Charles Wallace’s site on faculty vitality and well-being. Take his Inventory on Teaching Climate and Faculty Vitality.

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