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Adobe Spark Pages Created by University of North Carolina Students in Sociology 57H, “The Rationalization of Social Life in the 21st Century.”

In the spring semester of 2021, students in Sociology 57H wrote term papers on an occupation or industry that has been transformed through the four processes of rationalization: the pursuit of efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control through non-human technology. These four dimensions are the basis of George Ritzer’s book, The McDonaldization of Society (10th edition).

Students turned their term papers into the Adobe Spark pages listed below. If you are an instructor designing a class or a student looking for term projects, have a look at these paper summaries!

Author: Jared Pittman: Rationalization of Nursing.

Author: Christian Holmes: The McDonaldization of Retail Pharmacies

Author: Lauren Guillemette: Rationalization of Visual Arts

Author: Will Weider: Rationalization of Film Marketing

Author: Koushik Sridhar: Rationalization of Software Development

Author: Jack Sloan: Rationalization of Real Estate Through History

Author: Benjamin Tambwe: Orchestral Musicians

Author: Truman Chamberlin: The Rationalization of Mental Health Care

Author: Julia Torregrosa: Rationalization within the Courts: Immigration Lawyers

Author: Eugenia Chow: The Rationalization of Travel

Author: Jonathan Osborne: The Rationalization of Criminal Justice

Author: Prateek Machiraju: Rationalization within Software

Author: Trevor Moore: The Rationalization of Film

Author: Evan Jones: Silicon Valley: The Rationalization of Uber, Labor Law, and Its Law Firms

Author: Cate Ragland: The Rationalization of Mental Health Professionals

Author: Irene Ma: Rationalization of Biomedical Engineering

Author: Emily Jenkins: The Rationalization of the Chef Profession

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