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Adobe Express/Spark Pages Created by University of North Carolina Students in Sociology 57H, “The Rationalization of Social Life in the 21st Century.”

Students in Sociology 57H write term papers on an occupation or profession that has been transformed through the four processes of rationalization: the pursuit of efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control through non-human technology. These four dimensions are the basis of George Ritzer’s book, The McDonaldization of Society (10th edition).

Ritzer built on Max Weber’s arguments about the triumph of “logic” over “tradition” and “intuition/charisma” as societies modernized over the past several centuries. As rationalization replaces other modes of thought, the world becomes increasingly disenchanted.

Students turned their term papers into the Adobe Spark/Express pages listed below. If you are an instructor designing a class or a student looking for term projects, have a look at these paper summaries!

SOCI57H Spring, 2024: Adobe Express Webpages

Preston Cheek: Rationalization of Sports Medicine 

Madeline Chandler: Rationalization of Row Crop Farming

Jennie Lin:  Rationalization of the Family Physician Occupation

Josiah Young: Rationalization as an Agent of Change: Sports Agents

Julianne Reynolds: McDonaldization of Dental Hygiene 

Brenton Lian: Rationalizing the Rationalizers: The Rationalization of Software Developers

Bhuvan Meruga: The Rationalization of a Profession: Private Equity

Dalton Newman: Revolutionizing Oral Care: The McDonaldization of General Dentistry

Ashline Bussanmas: The Rationalization of Investment Bankers

Rodina Eliwa: Rationalization of Neurosurgery

Nicholas Williams: Criminal Justice and Rationalization A Story Narrated by Bureaucracy and Technology   

Ayush Gundawar:  Rationalization of Banking

Eva Eapen: I’m Lovin’ It…The McDonaldization of Public Defense & Justice

Zuri Trice: Rationalization of Museum Curation

Maggie McGinnis: McDonaldized Psychotherapy 

Gabriela Hinckle: The Rationalization of Psychotherapy

Liana Mattera: The Rationalization of Pediatric Medicine  

Shuban Gouru: The Rationalization of the Certified Public Accountant Occupation

Sarah Crowder: The Rationalization of Software Engineering

Courtney Humphrey: The Rationalization of Fundraising Management

Nina Kornchankul: Act Fast: The Rationalization of Trauma Surgery

Anton Mathew: The Rationalization of Investment Banking

Hayden Larocque Green: Rationalization of Healthcare Administrators

SOCI57H Spring, 2023: Adobe Express Webpages

Bridget Bendezu: Rationalization of Journalism

Leslie Holt: The Rationalization of Physical Therapy   

Dallia Lindell: I’m Likin’ It: The McDonaldization of the Reporter

Noa Roxborough: The Rationalization of Public Defense: How McDonald’s altered the course of American justice

George Nielsen: Rationalization of Business Consultants

Jack Lipscomb: The Rationalization of Sports Medicine

Satchel Walton: Rationalization of Tobacco Farming Was it the death of “a good way of life”?

Sritan Vemuru: The Rationalization of Psychiatrists

Faith Weaver: The Rationalization of Pediatrics

Sarina Horner: Rationalization in Real Estate

Wehazit Mussie: Rationalization of Restorative Dentistry

Tara Felicien: The Rationalization of Medical Assisting

Douglas Daniel: The Rationalization of the Market Research Profession

Jenny Zhang: Rationalization of Dentistry

Teju Kashyap: Rationalization of Film Production

Leila Watts: Rationalization of Film Directors  

Jordann Smith-Burgess: Rationalization of Law Enforcement

Robert Fus: Cutting Hair Without Cutting Corners: Rationalization of Barbers

Katie Whitesell, Rationalization Faced by Nutritionists 

Tisha Abdul: Rationalization of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Alacia McClary, Genetic Rationalization: Rationalization of Genetic Counselors

Carmen Starks: Rationalization of Clinical Psychologists

Parsh Shah: The Rationalization of Orthopedic Surgery

Laura Trochanowski: The Rationalization of the Marketing Industry

SOCI57H Spring, 2022: Adobe Express webpages

Alex Garner: Rationalization in Neurosurgery 

Jason Menjivar: Imperfectly Perfect: the Rationalization of Internal Medicine 

Nigel Parker: Response to Rising Demand: The Rationalization of Counseling Psychology 

Julian Taylor: The Planning of Planning: Rationalities and Irrationalities of the Urban Planning Process

Aditi Duttachowdhury: How American Politics Came To Be: The Rationalization of Political Consulting 

Taylah Smith: The Rationalization of Public Defense Attorneys

Sebastian Zagler: Rationalization of Medicinal Chemistry 

Grant Alexander; The Rationalization of Film

Lou Lindsley: Microscopic Arms Race: The Rationalization of Epidemiology

Arya Rao: From Asylums to Artificial Intelligence: The Rationalization of Psychiatrists

Avery Dorsett: Clay Tablets to Artificial Intelligence: The Rationalization of Accounting

Kyra KingFrom Mortar and Pestle to Prescription Bottles: Rationalization of Pharmacy

Margaux Sherwen: The Rationalization of a Profession: Epidemiologists

Ann Walker: The Rationalization of Neurosurgery 

Dezja Ishmeal: As the Helping Hand Evolves: Rationalization of Social Work

Gwen Gowan: Technotherapy? The Rationalization of Clinical Psychology

Pascale Paul The Rationalization of the Surgical Field

Jaleah Taylor Rationalization of Civil Rights Attorneys

Yashica Paramkusham: The Rationalization of Physiotherapy

Nolan Cathers: The Rationalization of Dentistry

Sophie Schaefer: The Rationalization of Dietetics and the Evolution of the Profession

Kathryn Haenni: I’m Lovin’ It: McDonaldization of Medical Malpractice Law

Joseph Ayinde: Orthopedic Surgery: A Rationalization Story

SOCI57H, Spring, 2021, Adobe Spark pages

Author: Jared Pittman: Rationalization of Nursing.

Author: Christian Holmes: The McDonaldization of Retail Pharmacies

Author: Lauren Guillemette: Rationalization of Visual Arts

Author: Will Weider: Rationalization of Film Marketing

Author: Koushik Sridhar: Rationalization of Software Development

Author: Jack Sloan: Rationalization of Real Estate Through History

Author: Benjamin Tambwe: Orchestral Musicians

Author: Truman Chamberlin: The Rationalization of Mental Health Care

Author: Julia Torregrosa: Rationalization within the Courts: Immigration Lawyers

Author: Eugenia Chow: The Rationalization of Travel

Author: Jonathan Osborne: The Rationalization of Criminal Justice

Author: Prateek Machiraju: Rationalization within Software

Author: Trevor Moore: The Rationalization of Film

Author: Evan Jones: Silicon Valley: The Rationalization of Uber, Labor Law, and Its Law Firms

Author: Cate Ragland: The Rationalization of Mental Health Professionals

Author: Irene Ma: Rationalization of Biomedical Engineering

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