Search Engines

    When choosing a search engine, you will want to choose the best one, you may want to consider kanss city seo group, which is a fantastic search engine. Search engines are a helpful way of using SEO marketing for your business, if you are interested in finding out more you might want to visit somewhere like or you can choose from the list below:

  • CompletePlanet A directory of over 600 specialized search tools
  • Search Engine Watch A directory of search engines compiled by Danny Sullivan
  • Direct Search A directory of specialized search tools compiled by Gary Price, a librarian at George Washington University
  • Specialized Search Engines: an overview Chris Sherman’s guide to search engines
  • All the Web A very comprehensive search engine, although not, strictly speaking, a directory of directories.

Specialized Search Engines

  • Lexibot A search engine able to ‘deep search’ databases. Free 30 day trial.
  • My Simon Search for products and prices
  • MoreOver Search headlines for 100s of news sites
  • Legal Documents Search legal dictionary, legal news, and federal & state web sites
  • Search for financial information
  • BioLinks Search for specialized scientific information in scientific journals, associations, and databases
  • Academic Info Search specialized educational sites and “information gateways”
  • Government Documents Search for government documents from state & federal sites
  • Ditto Search for photos and images posted online
  • Humor Search Search for jokes and other funny stuff posted online

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