Links to Cooperative Learning Sites

  • The Cooperative Learning Center of the University of Minnesota. A site run by David W. and Roger T. Johnson, cooperative learning’s key spokespeople.
  • The Active Learning Site A site maintained by Charles C. Bonwell to support the scholarship of teaching by providing research-based resources designed to help faculty use active learning successfully in college and university classrooms. It contains an excellent short survey tool for assessing students’ learning styles.
  • Cooperative Learning Really Works! Assessments by students in my courses at UNC-CH

One thought on “Links to Cooperative Learning Sites

  1. Silvia Dorado

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH for updating/maintaining your website, in general, and a section on teaching in particularly. Since I first start as a faculty member in 2000, every time I develop a new course I find myself tracking to your website and always finding something useful.


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