Content Oriented Websites

  • Center for Civil Society Studies A Johns Hopkins University website, Institute for Policy Studies.
  • Urban Institute center on nonprofits & philanthropy
  • FacultyOnLine A web site that posts reviews of textbooks. Earn money by posting a new review!
  • Gapminder A website with graphic displays of important social & demographic world trends.
  • Questia Thousands of complete books and articles, but not free!
  • ebrary ebrary develops software and services for the secure online access and delivery of authoritative copyrighted content. ebrary is working with publishers and other content providers to create an online library of copyrighted books, journals, periodicals and more that can be freely indexed by search engines via its open access model.
  • The History E-book Project
  • Atomic Dog Online books, but a little hard to explain!
  • The On-Line Books Page 14,000 free books!
  • Uses an an interface which allows students to access, integrate and organize the textbook content, Web pages, term papers, lecture notes, slide shows, spread sheets — any digital resources. The software itself provides tools for students to add customized hyperlinks, notes (which can be searched, sorted and printed, as well as traded digitally with other students), highlight, and perform searches through the textbook information.
  • Primis McGraw-Hill texts or your own materials, published electronically.
  • Coursecompass.comCourseCompass is a dynamic, interactive online course management system that combines Pearson Education content with Blackboard¹s eLearning technology.
  • Allows faculty to create customizable electronic coursepacks, casepacks, litpacks, and historypacks. Choose from their database.
  • Electronic Textbook Publishing is a privately-held educational publisher specializing in electronic textbooks and course materials as well as out-of-print textbooks or works-in-progress. Publishing with is free for authors, and royalty percentages are high.
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