How Makerspaces in the United States Are Responding to the COVID19 Crisis

In response to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, makerspaces across the United States have mobilized to manufacture protective masks, face shields, emergency intubators, and other safety equipment for health care workers and patients. Across the country, makers were looking for a way to help and realized they could use a makerspace’s 3D printers and laser cutter to make face shields and other needed equipment. For example, put together a quick and easy tutorial showing how to make a “No-Sew” Covid-19 mask, without using a sewing machine. MakeHaven, in CT, developed a system for makers at home, using household materials or working from a kit received at a pickup point. They also developed systems to produce protective clear plastic face shields and intubation shields. At the Swarthmore makerspace, makers are sewing masks in their homes using cotton fabric, sheets, t-shirts, and other household scraps. They are searching for a source of materials with which they can produce face shields. The list goes on and on.

I have listed just a small sample of the makerspaces contributing their community’s time, energy, and resources to making products that help health care workers in their attempt to contain the COVID19 virus.

Makerspaces Engaged in Making Safety Equipment

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: BEAM Makerspace

University of Wisconsin makerspace

State-wide network in New Hampshire of makerspaces

Swarthmore College makerspace

Lowell Makes Makerspace


NYU Engineering Makerspace

Makehaven, CT

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Camp Lejeune Makerspace (yes, the US Marines!)

BoroBot Makerspace in Middleboro

Humboldt State University

Claremont Makerspace

Lacey Makerspace, South Puget Sound

MaxtMakerspace, Peterborough, NH

MakeHaven, CT