Fly Fishing in Montana with the Stream Guardian Society of Trout Unlimited

Howard & Bruce getting ready for their trip down the Boulder River
We were smiling beforehand, but once on the roaring Boulder River, it was another matter!
Morning assembly as we pair up with our guides for the day's float trip
Parking lot chaos as we find out who will be our guides for the day: Yellowstone River, Boulder River, etc.
After a freak thunderstorm, the ground at the cottage was covered with hail!
Snow & hailstones (but not brim stones!) outside the porch of our cottage (in mid-July)
Diana, David, and Bruce preparing for their float trip
Diana was a great guide!

Trout painted on boards outside a shop in Bozeman, MT
Let’s hope we don’t meet a trout this big on the river!
Howard and the stuffed bear in Bozeman, MT
Not to worry — the bear if stuffed (and NOT with anglers!)
On the way to the Lamar River, we pause to let the buffalo roam
Where the buffalo roam, SUVs stop to let them.
If it has a slash, put it back
If it has a slash, it is a protected cutthroat